About Us

"My love for jewellery started with my grandma's jewellery box, as a kid i understood jewellery for it's elegance not it's material value." 
-Alessandra Pompei
  Established in 2020 by Toronto based goldsmith and Jewellery designer Alessandra Pompei. The brand focuses on fine jewellery, exploring new ways in which traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design can interact. Pompei seeks to create jewellery that embodies intimacy, luxury and longevity. Pompei is thoughtfully designed, meticulously handcrafted, and curated with the intention of being a part of a new generation of heirlooms. 
 As a recently established brand within an industry so significantly harmful to the environment, Pompei understands its responsibility to practice sustainability on every front. Our jewellery is made from materials sourced from reliable local suppliers who are committed to providing ethically sourced materials. Our goal is to minimize our waste, and carbon footprint in every way possible. It is an ongoing effort that we are committed to, and one that requires continual improvement and adaptation. For any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us at shoppompei@gmail.com