Lavender Florence- Viola Firenze
Lavender Florence- Viola Firenze

Lavender Florence- Viola Firenze

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The Florence ring, or "Firenze" in Italian, is a stunning masterpiece inspired by the beauty and elegance of the city of Florence. It's a fresh and delicate design that captures the essence of Italian artistry and craftsmanship.

At its heart lies a lavender sapphire center stone, adorned on each side are five round brilliant lab grown diamonds.

The rich 14k yellow gold setting is a true testament to the ring's sleek and elegant design, reminiscent of the architectural wonders and cultural treasures of Florence. It's a symbol of love and commitment, crafted with passion and care by skilled artisans.

This exquisite ring is the perfect expression of your everlasting love and devotion. Just as the city of Florence has captured the hearts of millions, the Florence ring will capture the heart of your beloved and remind them of your unwavering love every day.    


Ring details:

14k Yellow Gold

Lavender Sapphire Brilliant 

10 Lab Round Brilliant Diamonds