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This design is inspired by the Daisy flower. In Italian, the word for Daisy is "Margherita", which is associated with motherhood and childbirth. The Daisy flower is also a symbol of love, sensuality, and fertility, making it a popular choice for jewelry and other decorative items.

The design likely takes cues from the shape and color of the Daisy, with its delicate and feminine petals and bright, cheerful center. The Daisy's symbolism and association with motherhood may also inspire a sense of nurturing and care in the design.

Overall, the Daisy is a beautiful and meaningful flower that has inspired many artistic and creative endeavors, including this particular design.


Margherita is a floral geometric design with a yellow sapphire oval cut centre stone, and round & pear moissanites. The stones are set in 14k yellow gold.

All engagement rings are one of a kind, designed & handmade in Toronto Canada.

All the rings come with a complimentary appraisal made in 2022.

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