Olimpia Rossa

Olimpia Rossa

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Olimpia Rossa's stunning ring features a captivating display of five vibrant rubies, each set horizontally in a sleek row of 14K yellow gold. The central ruby, larger than the others, commands attention and radiates a captivating aura of passion and intensity. The smaller rubies on either side gradually decrease in size, culminating in a stunning visual effect that creates an impressive field of shine and sparkle. The carefully crafted arrangement of these exquisite gemstones is a true testament to Olimpia's impeccable taste and sophisticated style.


Rubies set 14k yellow gold.

All engagement rings are one of a kind, designed & handmade in Toronto Canada.

All the rings come with a complimentary appraisal made in 2023.

Orders can be placed on the website & via email. For more detailed information regarding any of the engagement rings please feel free to contact me via email at Shoppompei@gmail.com

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