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Serena's features a pale canary yellow sapphire as the center stone, accented by four marquise diamonds and two round cut diamonds that frame and enhance the centerpiece. The fusion of warm colors in this design creates a beautiful harmony between the materials.

The canary yellow hue of the sapphire radiates with joy and optimism, while the sparkling diamonds provide an elegant contrast. The marquise diamonds accentuate the center stone by framing it.

Together, the warm colors and unique design create a romantic and timeless aesthetic that captures the beauty of these precious gemstones. The combination of the sapphire and diamonds form a bond that exemplifies the art of jewelry making.


Ring details:

14k yellow gold, yellow sapphire, lab diamonds.

Rectangular Cushion Mixed Cut

Carat: 0.91 ct

4 Marquise Brilliants

Carat: 0.32ct

2 Round Brilliants

Carat: 0.03ct

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