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"Mare" is  jewellery piece featuring a symmetrical cluster of blue sapphires tightly hugged by the warm, rich tones of 14k yellow gold. The word "sapphire" is derived from the Latin words "sapphirus" and "aqua", which mean "blue" and "water", respectively. In addition, the word "mare" is also Latin for "sea".

The use of blue sapphires in this design, combined with the association with the sea, creates a sense of tranquility and calmness. The sapphires' deep blue color is reminiscent of the deep, tranquil waters of the sea, while the yellow gold adds warmth and richness to the design. The symmetry of the cluster further enhances the balance and harmony of the piece.

Overall, "Mare" is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that combines the beauty of blue sapphires with the warmth of yellow gold to create a stunning and unique design.


Seven round brilliant cut blue sapphires, and set in 14k yellow gold.

All engagement rings are one of a kind, designed & handmade in Toronto Canada.

All the rings come with a complimentary appraisal made in 2022.

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